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Property Care

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Property care landscaping services

Keep Your Property Pristine With Lake State Care

Lake State Landscape and Snow Removal provides property care services to ensure your outdoor areas remain maintained throughout the seasons. We focus on creating and preserving a welcoming appearance for your home or business, with detailed attention to every aspect of property upkeep.


Our experienced team offers personalized care that ranges from lawn nourishment to health monitoring. By choosing Lake State, you are securing a partner dedicated to the year-round beauty and longevity of your property.


Connect with us for a personalized assessment and discover the ease of our all-inclusive property care services.

Comprehensive Property Care Services for Every Season

  1. Lawn rolling, dethatching, and overseeding to ensure a healthy, dense lawn.

  2. Thorough spring and fall cleanup to keep your property looking its best.

  3. Efficient irrigation system startup, routine maintenance, and winterization for optimal lawn and plant health.

  4. Regular lawn mowing, precise trimming, and neat edging for a manicured appearance.

  5. Strategic weed control, diligent pest management, and specialized fertilization to maintain the vitality of your outdoor spaces.

  6. Careful planting of annual flowers to add seasonal color and interest to your property.

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Tailored solutions for every space, considering soil, climate, and preferences, ensuring a unique, sustainable outdoor environment.

Landscaping Designs

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Regular upkeep, including mowing, trimming, fertilizing, and pest control, keeps landscapes vibrant and healthy year-round.

Seasonal Maintenance

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Efficient irrigation and drainage conserve water, prevent flooding, and promote lush, green landscapes.

Water Management:

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Using sustainable materials, organic fertilizers, and native plants supports biodiversity and reduces environmental impact.

Eco-friendly Practices

Expert Property Maintenance Landscaping to Transform Your Space

Blog And Articles

Explore insights and expert guidance on optimizing your outdoor spaces. Our articles are packed with tips, trends, and best practices to enhance your greenery and upkeep.

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