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Property Care

Property Care encompasses services designed to maintain and enhance the aesthetic and health of your outdoor spaces. From regular lawn mowing to the attentive care of your flower beds and shrubs, our team ensures every corner of your property is given the attention it deserves.


We pride ourselves on proactive measures to keep your grounds in impeccable condition, whether through seasonal cleanups or ongoing maintenance routines.


Trust in our expertise to keep your outdoor areas flourishing and presenting a welcoming presence all year round.


Our landscaping services are centered around creating and sustaining beautiful, functional outdoor spaces. Our team works closely with you to design and cultivate areas that reflect your preferences while enhancing the natural surroundings.


With an eye for detail and a commitment to quality, we craft spaces that are not only visually pleasing but also environmentally responsible. From installing ornamental features to shaping the terrain for practical use, we ensure every aspect of your vision comes to life.


Our dedicated professionals use their extensive knowledge to provide a serene and inviting outdoor retreat.


Irrigation is key to sustaining the health and vibrancy of your green spaces, and Lake State excels in creating efficient systems tailored to the unique needs of your property.


Our expert services ensure that your grounds receive the ideal amount of water. From installing cutting-edge systems to regular maintenance that keeps them operating flawlessly, we are dedicated to providing solutions that conserve water and support the growth of your plants.


Trust in our expertise to design an irrigation system that is both effective and environmentally conscious, securing the prosperity of your outdoor areas.


Ensuring your outdoor spaces remain healthy and thriving involves safeguarding them against pests. Our pesticide application services are designed to effectively manage and eliminate unwanted insects and diseases while prioritizing the health of your plants and the safety of the environment.


With a focus on targeted treatments, we apply the most suitable products carefully and responsibly to protect your gardens and lawns.


Our skilled technicians are trained to identify potential pest issues early and treat them to prevent future outbreaks, preserving the natural balance and beauty of your outdoor areas.


At Lake State, we understand that proper fertilization is crucial for the health and growth of your plants. Our tailored fertilization services are designed to enrich your soil with the essential nutrients your garden needs to flourish.


We assess the specific needs of your soil and plants to create a customized fertilizing schedule that will ensure optimal plant health and vibrant growth.


Our experts use top-quality fertilizers applied with precision to support a lush and thriving outdoor space.

Trust in our expertise to design an irrigation system that is both effective and environmentally conscious, securing the prosperity of your outdoor areas.

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Snow & Ice Removal

Ensure your safety and accessibility during the winter months with our comprehensive snow and ice removal services. Our team is equipped with the tools and knowledge to efficiently clear driveways, parking lots, and walkways, reducing potential hazards caused by winter weather.


We offer prompt, reliable service to residential and commercial properties, striving to minimize disruption caused by snowfall and ice.


Trust us to maintain clear and safe passages, no matter the severity of the winter season.

Lawn care services
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