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With over 25 years of unwavering dedication to enhancing outdoor spaces, Lake State Landscape and Snow Removal stands as a pillar of professionalism and trust. As a fully licensed and insured business, we guarantee each client a seamless and satisfactory experience.


Our services, encompassing both meticulous seasonal management and regular care, are delivered with precision and passion that cater to the unique needs of each outdoor area. We welcome you to reach out for a complimentary estimate and invite you to read our reviews, reflecting our positive impact on communities just like yours.


Our journey began over two decades ago, anchored by a mission to deliver exceptional maintenance and management solutions throughout all seasons. As we grew, we refined our expertise, expanded our offerings, and reaffirmed our commitment to client fulfillment.


Today, our legacy is carried on by a team of seasoned experts, each contributing to the collective goal of bringing excellence to your property. Through every seasonal cycle, from the rejuvenating warmth of spring to the quiet chill of winter, Lake State is the trusted name for delivering unparalleled service and ensuring the peace of mind our clients deserve.



Dedicated to Perfecting Your Outdoor Space with Expert Care and Precision

Enhancing Commercial and Residential Properties for 25+ Years | Professional Service Guaranteed | Get Your Custom Quote Today

Our Services

Discover services designed to maintain and enhance your outdoor areas—experience dedicated care all year round, from beautiful spaces to pristine paths.

Lawn Care and Property Care

Providing expert lawn care, we include seasonal treatments and ongoing property maintenance that ensure your turf remains lush, green, and healthy throughout the year.

Lawn Rolling, Dethatching, and Overseeding

We utilize specialized techniques such as rolling, dethatching, and overseeding to cultivate a lawn that is dense and resilient, capable of withstanding both the elements and foot traffic.

Spring and Fall Cleanup

Our thorough cleanup services are designed to ready your outdoor space for the upcoming season, by clearing leaves, branches, and debris to maintain a pristine environment.

Mulch Installation

Our mulch installation is performed professionally, enhancing the appearance of your garden beds while also improving soil health, moisture retention, and reducing weed growth.

Planting Annual Flowers

We beautify your space with the vibrant colors of annual flowers, carefully selected and strategically planted to enhance your outdoor area.

Grading and New Lawn Preparation

Our precision grading services ensure proper drainage and create the ideal foundation for new lawn installations, promoting robust and healthy turf growth.

Retaining Wall Design and Installation

We specialize in crafting aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound retaining walls that not only define and support your outdoor living spaces but also protect against soil erosion and create functional terraced areas for gardening.

Customized Garden Care

We offer personalized garden care services designed to meet the specific needs of your plants, shrubs, and flowers, ensuring they remain in optimal health and display vibrant colors throughout all seasons.

Patio Design and Installation

Let us transform your outdoor living experience with custom patio designs that are both elegant and functional. Our installation services are crafted to enhance your living space and connect it seamlessly with the natural surroundings.

Blog And Articles

Explore insights and expert guidance on optimizing your outdoor spaces. Our articles are packed with tips, trends, and best practices to enhance your greenery and upkeep.

Contact Us

Ready to enhance your outdoor area or have a question about our services? Fill in the details below, and let's connect to discuss your specific needs.

Lawn care services
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